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This year Aarubco is very excited about our continued growth and participation in exhibitions around the country. 


       Aarubco celebrates 50 years & counting

Our team celebrates 50 years in business

The Aarubco team celebrates providing the best service and products in the business. Our team  looks forward to continued years of success.

.      NIBA Annual Convention 

Exhibited at NIBA convention in California

Aarubco displays selection of parts & literature to attendees at the annual NIBA Convention in California.  We have been active members of this wonderful association for over 20 years. We were proud to sponsor a hole in the annual NIBA Golf Outing.


       Packaging Expo 

Exhibited at Packing Expo 2013 in Vegas, NV 

Aarubco displayed a selection of parts & literature to attendees in the global packaging industry at the annual Packaging Expo in Las Vegas. Our team made incredible international connections that we look forward to provide custom solutions for their market.


        150 ton Hydraulic C Frame Press


AARUBCO expands with edition of new 150 ton Hydraulic C Frame Press

Saddle Brook, NJ – New Jersey based Aarubco Rubber Co. announced today that it has just added a new one hundred fifty ton hydraulic C frame press to its existing line. This new press allows Aarubco to mold larger items(length, width & thickness) and increases production capabilities. Aarubco will be able to press cure wider belts and with state of the art temperature and pressure controls for the highest degree of quality. With this press Aarubco adds capacity to meet increased requirements from its various customers.


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